Keepsakes - Disney

Keepsakes - Disney

Hallmark Keepsakes are so much a part of our lives and traditions.  We offer this glimpse of these great ornaments to help you plan and purchase your Keepsakes.

This is the first time we have offered Keepsakes online and it represents a challenge to keep the inventories straight between the store and the website.  While we attempt to update our inventories in both places every day, it is a near impossible task.   

The best way to shop these Keepsakes is to review online, make your notes, and call the store at (252) 638-1585 to have your order pulled.  We can also credit your Gold Crown Rewards points and accept your Reward Certificates at that time.

We are happy to take any orders placed on the website, however we cannot take Gold Crown certificates or award Gold Crown Rewards points for your online purchases.

Thank you so much for supporting your local Hallmark store, Jan's Hallmark & Jenna's "Just-In" Boutique.

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